TempoTreadle Introduction

TempoTreadle is a system uniquely designed to use with your traditional loom making your weaving process more accurate and stress free. Audible error beeps on floor looms help the weaver quickly correct any misplaced pick and get back on track. Similarly, ok beeps on table looms let the weaver know when the correct levers have been thrown to obtain the correct shed according to the draft.

The name, TempoTreadle, reflects the intention to not interrupt a weaver’s natural rhythm. The tempo of treadling through the sequences should remain natural, but with the added assurance that the weaver will be warned of a treadling mistake, and need not worry about getting lost in the treadling sequence if distracted. Unlike other treadle tracking software, the software automatically detects when to advance the pick without the weaver needing to take any action; the TempoTreadle system knows whether you pressed the correct treadles. Normally you don’t watch the display while weaving, but if you do want to check the display screen you’ll see the previous, current and next treadling sequence, pick color, what treadles are pressed (if any), pick counters and total time weaving. Other features assist in calculating the length woven, alerts for section changes, and information screens to verify tie-ups, colors used and more.

TempoTreadle is extremely useful for highly complex and long treadling sequences, but even a plain weave project can benefit from using the system. For example, if you had a warp for plain weave napkins, you may want to set alerts when the pick count had been reached to end each napkin, or be reminded when to change colors. When your project is finished, you can know exactly how much time you spent weaving.

There’s no modification required to your loom, just a little Velcro to attach parts in a few places.

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