The Weave Screen

Areas marked in Yellow:

  • 1 - The blue bar has the current file name in ther upper left area and teh total time spent weaving on the right in hours:minutes:seconds. Weaving time calculated when on the Weave Screen and actively treadling. The timer stops when no treadles are pressed in 3 minutes, and starts again once a treadle is pressed. For table looms, the same action happens based on pressing levers.

  • 2 - The main section of the screen shows three treadling sequences with headings SEQ (sequence), CLR (color) and TRD (treadle). The line in the middle, showing slightly larger, is the current sequence; Current means this is the treadling sequence that should be woven next. In the example above, sequence 169 is calling for treadle 1 using the light tan weft as the next pick.

  • 3 - Any treadles (or levers on a table loom) detected on the sensor array are shown here starting after the ">" symbol. In this example, treadle 1 is detected.

  • 4 - The up arrow allows the weavers to scroll up in the WIF one sequence at a time. In this example, pressing the arrow once would bring the 167th pick to the top of the screen. The opposite action happens on the lower arrow. Scrolling through the WIF does not change any counters. The weaver can reposition the sequence manually with this method. If needing to move through the sequences quickly (similar to fast forward), use a firmer press and hold to advance quickly in the direction. Repositioning the sequence can also be changed in

  • 5 - Two pick counters automatically increment with each pick woven by default. Unless changed on by the weaver on the Project Progress menu, they will always have the same value. The second counter could be useful if counting picks in a special section of the woven cloth. When weaving in UNWV (unweave) mode, the pick counters decrement by one for each unwoven pick.

  • 6- The interval counter, if activated shows the current interval counter value (170 on the example) and the limit of the interval (200); A special tone will be sounded once the counter reaches the interval limit. /

  • 7 - The Home icon returns to the main menu. It is recommended that this icon always be pressed before taking a break from weaving. When weaving on a table loom, place all the levers in neutral before pressing Home.

If using Table2 mode for table looms with a high number of shafts, the weave screen is different: Weaving in Table2 Mode

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