Tune Array - Aligning the Sensor Array

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A setup utility is included to make it easier to test all the treadles for alignment. A continuous series of quick beeps sounds the entire time a treadle is detected, unlike with ok or error beeps. The continuous sound assists you in making any adjustments to the position of the sensor, since if it’s quiet, it’s not sensing!

When using Tune Array, it’s important to observe whether a project or loom profile is loaded. If a project or loom profile is loaded, the name will show in the blue bar at the top of the screen. If the Treadle Settings for the currently loaded Project has disabled treadles, those treadles will not detect in Treadle Tuning. Also, if treadle positions have been remapped, the mapped treadle number will show, not the physical treadle position.

To test all the treadle positions and eliminate any treadle mapping, the Micro-SD card can be removed and the System Unit repowered. Then all physical positions can be aligned. Any treadles not tied up will likely detect as they sit on the array.

When the Tune Array menu option is first opened, any detected treadle will be displayed. Notice the red letters on the picture above that read “Any Treadle”. With this setting, you can press treadles or levers and see if they detect.

On Tune Array, the green arrows can be pressed to isolate one treadle at a time. The first time you press the down arrow, the red letters will change to “Treadle 1”, meaning that now only Treadle 1 will be tested, ignoring any other treadles that may be depressed. This feature is helpful to isolate a single treadle if your tie-up is causing other treadles to depress and you want to focus on aligning only one treadle.

You can continue to press the down or up arrow to select other individual treadles for testing, or to go back to “Any Treadle”.

Remember that If a treadle is not detecting, or is intermittently being detected, you need to slightly move the magnets such that the detecting is 100% accurate when the treadle is depressed. On most floor looms, the setup instructions will recommend that the treadle be tuned to detect when about 1/2 to 2/3 down through the treadling. Also on most floor looms, moving the magnet closer to the front of the loom will increase sensitivity.

Once the basic alignment is finished, you may need to do some fine tuning once you start weaving your first warp.

While weaving, if you are experiencing trouble with a treadle, you can safely press the home key (your progress will be saved) and go into Tune Array and do any testing and adjustment. When finished, go to the home screen and select Weave to continue with your weaving.

When weaving on a floor loom, if a treadle's detection is marginal, the symptom may be the treadle detects, loses the detecting and detects again, causing an error beep the second time it "sees" the treadle. Typically this can be remedied by moving the magnet closer to the front of the loom.

The opposite situation is that he treadle is detecting too quickly; when weaving observe the treadles in gold under the 3 weft picks. If a treadle shows or flashes that is not going down, then the magnet may need to be moved further back on the treadle.

If most of the treadles are not detecting properly, be sure to check the left-right adjustment of the array. Do this by first aligning the first and last treadles, and move the array left or right if necessary.

Please see setup instructions for your loom for more information.

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