Unweave and Free Weave

There are three modes on the Weaving Screen. The default mode is "WEAV" (weave). Pressing this button on the screen cycles through the weave modes. The next press goes into "UNWV" (unweave) mode with a red background. Press again and the screen shows "FREE" (free weave) with a green background.

If backing out picks is required, press the "WEAV" button on the screen once. It will then turn to "UNWV" with a red background; the sequences will start going in reverse, promoting for the treadling and sounding ok and error alerts as if in "WEAV" mode. Once ready to reweave the picks, press the button twice to return to "WEAV" mode.

Free Weave does not track through the sequences. It doesn't sound any errors nor advance to the next pick. It displays the treadles that are detected and increments pick counters. Since the pick counters are incremented, then length of the cloth continues to calculate based on the PPI (picks per inch).

Free Weave is not supported in Table Loom or Table2 Loom modes.

Free Weave Mode Indicator:

Unweave Mode Indicator:

Note: If using a TempoTreadle I system unit, you need to double-click the Weave Button to go to Free Weave.

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