Loading your Design

Project Setup | Load WIF

Once your WIF file is saved to the Micro-SD card, with the power off, insert the Micro-SD card into the System Unit. The metal contacts on the card need to face towards the back when inserting the card.

I It is important that the metal contacts face to the back (away from the screen) when inserting the card.

Power the System Unit on, and choose Project Setup.

Next select Load WIF.

Select the file name by placing your finger or pointer directly on the file name. Once selected, a green "Load" button will appear. Press the green Load button.

Green arrows on the right are available to scroll up and down if more files are on the card than will fit on the screen.

When your file is being loaded, you will see a progress indicator for the threading, treadling and color loading. Once finished loading, the main menu shows once again, ready for you to select Weave or any other option.

Other options on the Load WIF Screen are:

Copy Treadle Settings From a Prior Design


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