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Thread Assist will display your threading sequence in small groups at a time, and allow you to mark as threaded and advance with a single tap.

Threading progress is saved, so when you leave the loom or power down the unit, each group that you reported as threaded is remembered, and the screen will reflect where you left off when you go back into Thread Assist. It is suggested, as with treadling, that you press the home key before powering down to be certain your progress is saved.

Looking at the screenshot below from an original TempoTreadle System Unit, the warp sequence numbers show above the color circles reflecting the warp thread color. In this example, there are black and yellow warp threads.

If you look at the computer drawdown of your WIF, the first warp thread (or sequence is the warp thread at the far right of the drawdown; the highest warp number (equal to your total warp ends) is on the far left of the drawdown.

In the picture, warp sequences 86-93 are shown; sequence 86 is intended for shaft 2, 87 on shaft 3… sequence 93 on shaft 9.

Also In the picture, sequence 86 happens to be the center warp thread and is marked by coloring the sequence red and putting a “center” symbol in the black thread.

Green Scroll Arrows: You can scroll through the treading sequences (left and right) by pressing the green arrows. Scrolling with the green arrows does not mark the groups as threaded. To mark a group as threaded, press the screen anywhere near the color circles and the threads; that group of threads will be recorded as threaded and the screen will advance to the next threading group. When scrolling back through groups already threaded, they will have red lines instead of black separating the warp threads. The red lines indicate “threaded”.

Thread Groups: The number of threads shown at a time is determined based on the value in “Groups”. A maximum of 8 is recommended. To change the value of the group, press the screen near “Groups”, then use the pop-up keypad to change the value. To use the keypad, press “del” to remove existing digits, press the number desired, then “Ent” for enter. This should return you to the threading screen with the new group in effect.

This picture shows a TempoTreadle keypad. To remove numbers press the DEL (delete key). Press numbers on the screen as needed, then ENT (enter) to enter those numbers and return to Threading.

The TempoTreadle II System Units have a new feature, Position as shown below.

If you want to automatically position to a certain warp sequence, click into the button and enter the warp sequence on the keypad.

Tip for the Original TempoTreadle System Units: Sometimes the “natural” threading repeats are bordered with a different number of warp ends. For example, suppose you have a 4-shaft point twill threading of 23432 (6 threads), and the threading starts with 1234 at the right edge. Set your threading group to 1 and thread the 4 starting warp ends, then when sequence 5 is showing, change the thread group to 6. Now you will be threading in the same groups as naturally appear on your threading diagram repeat.

Tip for the TempoTreadle II System Units: Sometimes the “natural” threading repeats are bordered with a different number of warp ends. If you start threading, and at a certain point want to orient the the threading such that the first thread of a repeat is rightmost thread on the screen, use the Position field to set where you want it to start; also set the Group value to something that helps. For example, if the threading sequence is 1-2-3-4-3-2 at a certain point in your design, you might want to reset the position to a certain sequence right before that repeat starts and also use a 6-thread group. Now you will be threading in the same groups as naturally appear on your threading diagram repeat.

Threading Direction Choices

The hand icon under "Dir" for direction shows the current direction of threading.

Threading Right to Left: By default, a new project will have the direction set Right to Left, starting with sequence 1.T

Treading from the Center: To thread from the center, first locate the center by pressing the center button shown at the right. Pressing this area on the screen will position the group where the center thread is the rightmost thread of the group. Once positioned, set the direction (the icon that looks like a hand) pointing left to thread from this center thread to the left ; set the hand pointing to the right and press to advance to the next group to thread to the right

Threading Left to Right: The hand can be changed to point to the right. Then the highest warp sequence will be threaded first, decreasing until the first sequence is reached.

The threading sequence wraps when you complete the entire series. If you do not define all the warp threads for your project, but only the threading repeat, the Thread Assist will continue to repeat the threads until you are completed. For example, if your warp just defined 1-2-3-4, you could thread 1000 warp ends, it would just wrap over and over.

If your threading group does not come out even, you’ll notice some 0’s on the end for the shaft numbers. This is normal, just ignore the "o"s.

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