TempoTreadle Components

There are three primary components required for a TempoTreadle system:

System Unit - you can think of it as the weaving computer. As a weaver, you'll use the System Unit's touch screen, insert the micro-sd card into the slot when you load a new project and you'll power the system unit on when ready to weave or setup your loom.

Sensor Array - Typically this is a slim rectangular box that fits under the loom's treadles or a table loom's levers. The sensor array has sensors that fit under each treadle or level that sense a magnetic field when that shaft or level comes close. A ribbon cable transmits that signal to the System Unit, where the System Unit interprets what is happening on the loom and gives the weaver feedback, such as an error sound, or ok beep and a change to the next pick.

Magnets - Magnets are attached either under treadles or on levers. Usually strong magnets have been inserted into a 3d-printed case specially designed to hold the magnet. Velcro is preapplied so that it's easy to attach to the treadle or lever.

Here is a picture of the original System Unit, introduced in 2016:

Here is a picture of the TempoTreadle II System unit, introduced in May 2023.

This is a snapshot of a Sensor Array under the treadles of a floor loom. The case is 3d-printed in a translucent filament so you can see the shadow of the black sensors that are lining up under teh treadles. Also notice the ribbon cable exiting the sensor array; that ribbon cable will go up the side of the loom and attach to the System Unit.

The following snapshot shows a sensor array being place on a table loom. When the levers are lowered, the magnets that are on the levers will line up close to the sensors and that signal will be detected by the System Unit.

As each loom model is different, the TempoTreadle system is customized for those individual looms. The sensor arrays are not only spaced specifically treadle or lever spacing, but also the method of attaching the sensor array to the loom varies.

Floor loom Sensor Arrays usually come with brackets that hold the array in place. Brackets usually are designed to easily snap onto a treadle rod or cross piece, depending on the model. Table loom sensor arrays usually attach with Velcro that is supplied with the sensor array.

Special Magnets, usually in 3d-printed cases with velcro, are supplied with the Sensor Arrays.

In no case is any permanent physical modification to the loom required to install the TempoTreadle system. Only velcdro and brackets attached with friction are used.

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