Mapping Treadles

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When weaving on a floor loom, the weaver often decides which treadles to use as Treadle 1, 2, etc. Whether centering or walking the treadles, TempoTreadle needs to know how the weaver has tied up the physical treadles that correspond to the Tie-Up in the WIF.

The WIF shows treadle 1 on the left of the tie-up box, treadle 2 next, etc.

TempoTreadle refers to the treadles on the loom as Treadle Positions. Position 1 is the leftmost treadle, position 2 the next treadle to the right, etc.

For example, if the weaver has a 10-treadle loom and plans to leave the outer two treadles not tied for their 8-treadle pattern, then treadles positions 1 and 10 need to be turned off. Treadle position 2 needs to be mapped to Treadle 1, Treadle Position 3 mapped to Treadle 2, etc. This way when the weaver pressed the first treadle that is tied-up (position 2), TempoTreadle will recognize that as Treadle 1 being depressed.

In the following picture, the 4th treadle position (shown as Pos: 4) on the loom is mapped to Treadle 1.

When a Treadle is not tie-up, the Status needs to be turned OFF, otherwise it will constantly be detected as it is resting on the sensor.

If a Treadle is tie-up and is not being used, consider mapping it to a treadle not in the design so that an error tone will be generated if the treadle is depressed.

Using this Screen

Touch the Status and Color Alert boxes to toggle the value.

Press the up and down arrows on the right to move to the settings for the next or prior treadle position.

To change the treadle mapping, press the arrows to select the WIF's treadle number.

Color Alerts

Color Alerts can be turned on or off as desired. Color alerts are triggered when a color change is occurring on the next weft pick. For more information, see

Settings on this screen for a Table Loom apply to Shaft Levers, not Treadles.

Additional Treadle Positions

The treadle settings screen will allow selection of more treadle positions than those on your loom; these extra treadles can be ignored. For example, if you have a 10-treadle loom, there will be settings for 11-16. It’s not necessary to change the status on these treadles. The only exception to this is with looms that require a “down” position in System Settings (rare).

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