Color Change Alerts

Found on Project Setup | Treadle Array

Color Alerts are a special tone, significantly different from ok and error tones, to sound when a color change is coming up on the next pick. This is designed to let you know to change the shuttle or bobbin color in advance.

A color alert will sound on a successful pick if the NEXT pick involves a color change unless that next pick’s treadle has had the color alert turned off.

Color alerts can be turned on or off by Treadle by pressing to toggle the value from ON to OFF. Use the green arrow keys to navigate up or down.

For example, if your entire project alternated with a blue and green weft, you may choose to turn the color alerts off for all treadles.

If you were weaving overshot and had tabby treadles in one color and pattern weft treadles that had a few different colors throughout the piece, it is helpful to turn off the color alerts on the tabby treadles and leave the pattern treadle color alerts on.

Note that although "Treadle" mapping is almost never used on a Table loom, the Color Alert feature is often used to turn off Color Alerts by shaft.

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