Interval Limits - Alerting when Length is Reached

An interval counter is another type of pick counter that can be set to use in combination with an interval limit. For example, if an interval limit is set to 1000 under Project Progress | Counters INSERT LINK, then the interval counter will start to increment by one every time the weaving advances by one pick. Once the pick counter reaches the limit (1000 in this example), a special tone will sound to alert the weaver and the Interval Counter will automatically be set back to zero.

Interval limits and counters are typically used to accurately stop a woven piece at a specific length.

As long as an accurate PPI has been established, see Calculating Picks Per Inch (PPI), the interval limit can be calculated by entering the length desired for the interval alert.

To prepare to use the interval limit, you need to establish where you are in the interval (if not at the start). The interval counter, unlike the Pick 1 and Pick 2 counters, doesn't automatically increment unless there is a non-zero value in the Interval limit field. If starting at the beginning of the interval (normally length of a woven piece), then simply calculate the interval limit and keep weaving. If the weaving of the "interval" has already started, set the counter to the number of picks woven in that interval. When starting a woven piece, often this counter is the same as the Pick 1 counter. The screen below shows that the weaving design is on the 3rd pick of the draft and 305 picks have been woven. This screen available on Project Progress | Counters. The Sequence and Pick Counters

In the example below, the towel had already had 305 picks woven and the weaver is preparing to set an interval limit to issue an alert when the length of the towel is complete. By clicking in "Int Count", the keyboard entry screen allows the weaver to enter value of picks already woven in the interval, in this example, 305:

Now, the Interval Limit, "Int Limit" needs to be set. When clicking in the field, the following screen is shown:

There are two options: Set Manually or Set from Length. Set Manually allows for entering the interval pick count limit where the tone occurs. More frequently, the second option is used to set from the length. This does require that the Picks per Inch has a value. See Calculating Picks Per Inch (PPI) for more information on setting Picks per Inch. So for example, if the weaver wants an interval tone sounded when 28 inches is completed, the steps are to select Set from Len (shown above), then on the keypad entry enter 28 as shown below for 28 inches.

The Interval Limit (Int Limit) will now show 488, that corresponds to the 17.43 PPI that was already established.

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