Louet Spring II

Place the Sensor Array centered under the Spring Loom (see photo) such that the cable is on the left side when facing the front of the loom. There are two white marks on the top side of the sensor array. From the front of your loom, align the left white mark under the center of treadle position 1. The right white mark should be under your right-most treadle.

Next, position the first sensor array bracket between the 1st and 2nd treadle and snap it on to the treadle axle under the foot rail. Don’t attach the Velcro on the bracket to the treadle yet… we will need to go through the tuning process first. Now, mount the second bracket between the last and next to last treadle in a similar way.

Locate the System Unit (the case with the Display) and connect the system unit ribbon cable to the Treadle Array ribbon connector. Carefully line up the pins, noting that the red stripe on the cable must be on the same side when connected. You will also notice that the notches in the center line-up. Press firmly to connect.

Power on the System Unit with either AC or USB Battery.

Next, remove the Velcro backing and mount a Magnet Cap on the underside of one of the treadles on either end. Test the alignment using System Settings | Tune Array. The treadle should detect approximately half-way through the pressing of the treadle. Attach a Magnet Cap on the other end and test the alignment.

Once the two outermost treadles are aligned, attach the remainder of the Magnet Caps, lining them up at the same distance on the treadle, then test each treadle using Tune Array.

If any treadles are not detecting properly, adjust the magnet position be detaching from the Velcro and moving the position up or down a millimeter or so during the Tune Array process.

If a Magnet Cap is not detecting well enough, add one of the optional tuning magnets on each cap.

If a treadle is too sensitive (for example, it detects when lightly placing your foot on the treadle), move the magnet cap down slightly. Usually, you want the detection to happen when the treadle is about two-thirds the way in the max down position.

If you cannot hear the tone, or it’s too quiet, go into System Settings | Volume and adjust volume up. Repeat testing for each treadle.

The Spring setup requires Loom Action Single and Position Up. This should be preconfigured for you in the supplied Loom Profile, “ !Spring ”. In the rare situation where the Spring is tied up such that more than one treadle goes down at a time, change the Loom Action to Multiple.

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