Louet Delta

Packing List

· 14 Treadle, Sensor Treadle Array, assembled including Velcro

· 1 TempoTreadle System Unit (White Case with touch screen)

· 14 treadle caps with Magnets and Velcro

· 1 6-foot USB Cord (Silver), 1 USB Power Adapter (UK)

· 1 Micro-SD Card (already in display unit) and Micro-SD adapter

· Clips to guide cables up the side of loom

Installing your new Unit

· Look at the packing list and identify components as you unpack them. It might be helpful to watch a video created by one of our customers. Type the following into your web browser: http://tiny.cc/TTDelta

Attach the long 14-treadle Sensor Array above the treadles on the back of the Delta loom such that the sensors are aligned with the treadles. A few sensors are marked on the array to help but it should basically be centered over the treadles. See photo for the orientation of the magnets. Use the Velcro already on the back to secure the sensor array to the loom.

· The bottom of the sensor array should be about even with the notches on the crossbar to insure proper distance from the magnets on the back of the treadles.

· Locate the USB cord, USB on/off switch and power adapter. Connect the USB on/off switch to the System Unit and the cable and adapter. After plugging in, you should see TempoTreadle automatically start after a few moments.

· On the System Unit, select System Settings | Tune Array. If you need help with screen navigation or usage of the Tune Array function, please refer to the TempoTreadle product manual. If all your treadles are not tied-up, the default Tune Array function will likely start detecting all the treadles without tie-up. You can page down to test them individually or tie them up.

· If you cannot hear the tone, or it’s too quiet, go into System Settings | Volume and adjust volume up. Repeat testing for each treadle.

· If any of the treadles are not detecting with the Tune Array function, you may need to adjust the position of the magnet in the cap. The magnet may need to slide left or right, or it can also have the depth adjusted by pushing in or out slightly. We have found that the Delta works best when the magnets are in at a slight angle. These were placed with a slight angle when the cap was assembled.

· There is an extra cap and magnet included in case you ever have one break.


The TempoTreadle 1 System Unit is shown in this picture. The caddy is System Unit Caddy designed to fit over the edge of the castle as shown in the picture.

You should be ready to weave now! Simply copy your WIF to the SD card, load it and start to weave. See the Product manual for more information on loading WIFs. We also included a sample WIF (Buchanan) on the SD card. You can use the quick load for that one if you want to run a test.

A video of the setup is provided in the Weaving with TempoTreadle course at learn.loftyfiber.com

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