Weaving in Table2 Mode

Over 8 shafts

If you have a table loom and are weaving with a WIF with over 8 shafts, you may need to use the Table2 weave screen. Depending on your WIF, and how many levers are pressed at any one time, there may not be enough room to display all the shafts on the prior, current and next pick on the regular Weave Screen.

To change to use the Table2 screen to accommodate more shafts, go into Project Settings | Loom Action and press to change to select Table 2.

In this mode, you do not see the prior and next picks. An example is shown below.

The circle at the top of the screen shows the color of the weft pick (light tan in this example). The sequence (weft pick) is shown at the top (in this case, the first weft pick, sequence 1, is shown.

Levers needed for the current pick are highlighted in blue, correct levers detected are green, any incorrect levers detected are red. The pick will advance only when all the correct levers, and only those levers are detected. As with weaving in Table Loom mode, an "ok" beep will sound when all the levers are correct and the next pick will be automatically shown.

Also as with Table Loom mode, when taking a break from weaving, put all the levers in neutral and press the Home Icon.

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