System Settings - Error and other Tones

System Settings | OK Tone

The OK Tone Status option allows you to turn the audible notification on or off when the correct treadles are detected. By default, TempoTreadle is shipped with the Status set to “ON”. It is recommended to have the OK tone set “ON” when first using TempoTreadle until you are certain that it is aligned properly.

System Settings | Error Tone

It is possible to turn the audible notification for treadling errors off by changing the status field to “OFF”.

System Settings | Color Tone

Similar to the OK and Error tones, any Color change audible notifications can be turned off with this setting.

Note that there is also the capability to turn color alerts off on individual treadles in a project (see Project Setup|Treadle Array . If you never want to hear any color change tones, it is easier to set it off here, rather than on each treadle.

In future software releases, the actual sound can be changed as well. For now it is simply on or off.

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