Powering with the Slim Battery

To power the System Unit, Plug the small end of the short cable to the top. Note that it is directional and can only be inserted one direction. The larger end of the USB cable is connected near the top of the battery; next click the power switch into the on position.

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Check the current battery level on the back of the caddy with 3 lights indicating fully charged. To “wake the battery up”, press the round button on battery.

To charge the battery, unplug the short cable from the top USB port in the Battery. Take the 6-foot USB cable provided with your TempoTreadle and insert the small end into the charging port as shown. Plug the other end of the 6-foot cable into the provided AC adapter and into the wall socket to start charging.

Although you cannot simultaneously charge the battery while also powering the TempoTreadle, you can plug the longer 6-foot cable into the top of the System Unit and plug the System Unit into the AC adapter if your battery runs out of charge.

If you want to remove the battery from the caddy, start pushing it out by using the hole at the bottom of the caddy; it should then easily pull out of the caddy.

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Attaching the Ribbon Cable from the Sensor Array to the System Unit

Line up the cables and press together such that the red lines on each cable line up.

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To disconnect the cables, pull apart as shown below, taking care not to have your fingers over the join.

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