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Installing the Sensor Array

Install the supplied brackets, spread evenly across the treadle span. The brackets fit between treadles that are connected with a round spacer.

To install the loom brackets, lift the loom a few inches and place the bracket under and around the wooden cross bar at the front of the loom. A helper will make this much easier since you must lift the loom and place the bracket at the same time.

Slide the sensor array under the treadles such that the long ribbon cable exits to the left and the array is centered under the treadles. Be sure to have the side with the sensors facing up. The first and last sensors are marked on your sensor array and should be directly underneath the 1st and last treadle.

Once again, you’ll need to lift the loom and carefully slide the sensor array forward so that the array is held in place by the brackets. The brackets will simply rest on top of the array so it cannot slide backwards or forwards.

A video for this setup can be found at

Next connect the ribbon cable coming from the System Unit to the Treadle Array ribbon connector. Carefully line up the pins, noting that the red stripe on the cable must be on the same side when connected. Press firmly to connect.

Connect the small end of the USB cable to the system unit and the other end to the AC adapter or USB battery.

You may want to place the System Unit on the floor as you perform install and align the magnets for easier viewing.

On the System Unit, select System Settings | Tune Array. At the top of the screen in red letters, observe that the display reads “Any Treadles”.

·A magnet inside a case has been supplied for each treadle. The extra "tuning" magnets are not normally needed.

Magnets need to be attach to the underside of the treadle using the supplied velcro such that when the treadle is pressed, the detection of is strong and steady.

Normally it's best to line up the treadle 1 first. It's recommended that you hold the magnet with your hand over the array until you see the treadle detecting, then go straight up and let the velcro attach to the underside of the treadle.

Next repeat the same step with the last treadle.

You should now be able to see how far back each magnet needs to be placed on each of the treadles.

Small adjustments left or right, forward or backward, may be necessary to get a good detection. There are small sensors for each of your treadles and the magnet must be lined up so that it's directly over these sensors when pressed.

When installing the sensor array on a hard surface, if you have difficulty getting a strong connection, add one of the supplied "tuning" magnets onto the magnet case. The magnetic attraction will automatically orient the magnet in the correct direction.

Troubleshooting the Detection

Be sure that the magnets are not touching the sensor array when treadles are depressed. The magnet should be moved back slightly to keep it from touching the sensor array.

The velcro on the magnet case should be holding firmly to the underside of the treadle.

If a treadle is not tied up, it is ok if it rests on the sensor array, however be sure to turn the treadle status off using Project Setup | Treadle Array.

If tied-up treadles are being detected when they are not going down, but moving slightly, then they are too sensitive; move the magnet case back slightly on the treadle. Also if using the additional magnet, remove it.

If some of your treadles have a lot of “play” and tend to shift left or right when treadling, you may want to tighten them. When you have a gap of more than ¼” or more when slid all the way to the left or right, insert a zip tie around the metal bar on each side to reduce any “play”. After cinching, cut off the excess zip tie and rotate so only the smooth side shows.

If the sensor array is coming out of alignment with left/right movement, you can put a small piece of Velcro or tape to the bracket to secure it from left/right movement.

Symptoms of Poor Alignment

· When weaving, if the you get an “ok” beep, followed by an error beep, look at the display and think about the treadle you are pressing. You may notice that the treadle is detected (showing in gold at the bottom of the display), loses detection, then detects again. TempoTreadle thinks you pressed the same treadle twice, and issues an error the second time. This can be a symptom of the treadle being marginally aligned. Go into tune array adjust the magnet (typically forward) to get a more solid detection. Also see the above troubleshooting tip if there is too much clearance.

Pressing Next Treadle before Prior Treadle is Lifted

· When weaving, if you see all the treadles from the prior pick as well as the next pick, and no error or ok tones after the prior pick, you are likely not letting the prior treadle lift far enough to end the detection (i.e. making a closed shed) before the next treadle is pressed. This can happen when walking the treadles on certain looms. If your treadling style is to have both pressed at the same time, the system will not work as it depends on a split second of nothing being pressed to check for errors and advance to the next pick.

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