The Sequence and Pick Counters

Project Progress | Counters

Shown below is snapshot of the counters screen. Notice the project file name is at the top on a blue background.

The Sequence refers to the weft pick from your WIF (weft pick 1 is the first pick in the treadling sequence). TempoWeave always starts at Pick 1 for a new project and advances automatically through your weaving draft as you weave. The Sequence is shown on all the Weave Screens.

Under Project Progress and Counters, the first value is the Sequence, the current pick sequence in the WIF. By changing this value, the current sequence in the Weave screen will reflect that change. Changing the sequence on the Counters screen is another way of changing the current pick (line in the WIF) for the weave screen (as opposed to using the green arrows to select on the weave screen).

The Counters Screen also shows values of the two pick counters, the interval pick counter and the interval limit.

The Pick 1 and Pick 2 counters always increment by one every time you have woven a pick succesfully (without an error, so that the sequence advances). When unweaving, both pick counters descrease by 1. The reason TempoTreadle has two pick counters is to accomodate the ability to track two things at once. For example, you may want to keep up with the total picks woven with one counter, and perhaps count the picks woven on a specific piece of section with the other pick counter.

Common use of the pick and interval counters are covered in the Calculating Picks Per Inch (PPI) and Interval Limits - Alerting when Length is Reached

To reset all the pick counters, you can use the restart a project button to automatically set the counters to 0. Restarting a Project

When changing values, a keypad such as the picture below will pop up after pressing into the field with the number. See this document for more information on how to use the keypad: Using the Keypad

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