Calculating Picks Per Inch (PPI)

Actual picks per inch can be calculated by weaving a known length and dividing the picks woven by that length in inches. To access the Calc PPI function, click into the

Setting PPI Manually

The first option, Set PPI manually, allows the weaver to enter a number for the Picks per Inch. Any length calculations will be based on the number entered, whether or not the PPI entered is accurate. To set PPI by this method, click the arrow to the right, select the number on the key pad (whole numbers or decimal).

Setting PPI from a Pick Counter and Measured Length

The second two options allow selection of pick counter 1 or 2 to perform the calculation for you. In the example above, the pick counters happen to have the same value as the weaver has not changed one of the pick counters to be different than the other.

Remember that the pick counters can be easily reset to zero by using the Reset Progress function INSERT LINK. Another way is to manually set the pick counter before weaving the cloth that will be measured using the Counters option INSERT LINK. Usually about 6 inches of weaving is sufficient to establish an accurate picks per inch. This does assume that the weaver has established a beat in the section to be measured that will be consistent through the entire project.

The weaver needs to know where the section of woven cloth begins and ends that correspond to the chosen pick counter. This can be done by looking at a color change, inserting a small piece of thread in a shed at the edge to mark the start, or any other method to understand what area of cloth needs to be measured (with a ruler or measuring tape) to correspond to the chosen pick counter. Often an length of about 6 inches of weaving is sufficient to obtain an accurate calculation.

Once the PPI is set, whether by using the pick counter calculation or entering manually, the Woven Length Screen on Project progress (INSERT LINK) can be accessed at any time to view the length woventhat corresponds to one of the counters. For more information on pick counters INSERT LINK

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