File Types on the SD Card

Once TempoTreadle loads a WIF file, it creates two additional files with the same name and different file extensions.

For example, if you have a WIF file (scarf.wif) on your SD card, the first time it is loaded, TempoTreadle will create two additional files; scarf.ttc and scarf.ini. The file with the TTC extension is a cache file that optimizes the WIF for faster loading. The file with the ".ini" file has configuration information that you have configured for your project such as the loom configuration and treadle settings.

These additional files with the "TTC" and "INI" extensions do not appear under Project Load. Only WIF files appear under project load.

If using TempoWeave, there is no need to save the ".TWA" (TempoWeave Assembly file) onto your micro-sd card. If you save it there, it will be ignored.

If you use the export for TempoTreadle function from TempoWeave, the cache file will be automatically be generated and saved along with the WIF card to eliminate the slower initial load.

Another file on your card, SETTINGS.INI, hold information for system settings, such as Volume. If you use a micro-sd card not supplied by LoftyFiber, upon the first usage TempoTreadle will create this file for you.

Once ready to delete old projects from the SD card (using your computer), the "INI" and "TTC" configuration files may also be deleted.

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