Troubleshooting FAQs

Why is my TempoTreadle not advancing when I’m weaving?

Are numbers in gold showing under your weaving sequences that aren’t expected? If they aren’t the correct treadles (or levers for table loom) as expected by the current pick, then TempoTreadle will not advance.

Is your TempoTreadle in "Free" Weave mode? If so, press the weave mode button until "WEAV" shows in blue.

Why is my TempoTreadle not making an error sound?

Are you weaving in Table Loom mode? If so, you never hear an error tone, only an “ok” tone when all the treadles (or levers) are correct.

Is your volume turned up enough to hear? Check system settings, volume.

Why is my TempoTreadle screen not coming on?

Is the cable providing power attached plugged into the top of the TempoTreadle?

If running on battery, is the battery charged? Also, some batteries have a button to “wake the battery" that needs to be pressed.

Why don’t I see the WIF that is saved on my micro-sd card?

Is the name of the WIF too long? On TempoTreadle II, if the maximum file name characters exceeds 22, the file will not display.

Is the file on the card a WIF file. The weave design must have an extension of .WIF. Files that are TWA, DTX, etc. are not read by TempoTreadle.

Is the WIF file in a subfolder on the micro-sd card? Weave designs on the SD card cannot be accessed from folders.

If you have several WIF files, you may need to press the green down arrow.

Why am I hearing beeps when I haven’t pressed the wrong treadle?

· Go into tune array and press the treadle sequences where the issue was happening. Look carefully at what is detecting, and when it detects as you depress each treadle. For example, if you press Treadle 4, it should detect as you press the treadle, but not too soon (when you first rest your foot on the treadle) and not too late (when it’s all the way down). For most looms, the sweet spot is to detect about ½ or 2/3 of the way down.

· Check that the tie-up on your loom is consistent with the tie-up in your WIF. TempoTreadle can catch tie-up mistakes in some situations.

Why is my TempoTreadle making a lot of bad noises when I press weave?

Look at what is showing under the pick sequence. Treadles showing in gold that are not expected will cause error sounds. If some of your treadles are not tied up, be sure to turn them off (see If treadles are detecting that are not down,

My table loom is only showing one lever at a time

·Check to see if you remembered to convert your WIF to a liftplan before copying to the SD card.

My design does not show any weaving picks, just one blank entry

Remove the SD card; delete the files from the SD card for your project. Recopy your design (or use the export function from TempoTreadle). Files can become corrupted in certain situations, especially when turning TempoTreadle off before pressing the home screen.

TempoTreadle is advancing slowly to the next pick

If you sense a delay in advancing to the next pick while weaving, this could be due to the treadle being too sensitive. For example, if you weave a pick, lift your foot and you sense a delay in the "ok" beep, it could be that the treadle continues to detect when it's almost completely released. Usually moving the magnet slightly back on the treadle so that the treadle later as you start to press will solve this issue.

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