Saving a WIF to your Micro-SD Card

A micro-SD memory card is used to transfer weaving designs from your computer (Mac or PC) to your TempoTreadle system. One micro-SD card and USB adapter is provided with your TempoTreadle system.

Weaving Designs must be in the standard "WIF" file format; WIF files can be produced by most weave design software. WIF files are also available for download on many websites. Some weave design software, such as Fiberworks, requires that you do a "SAVE-AS" and use the drop down on "Save-as-type" to select WIF. TempoWeave saves a WIF file by default; TempoWeave also has an Export for TempoTreadle function that allows saving to the Micro-SD card directly without having to use File Explorer or Finder.

Be sure that your file name and length adheres to the requirements outlined in this document:

On a Windows PC

In File Explorer, the File Type for a WIF file will read "Windows Information File" for the WIF file. By default, File Explorer does not show the actual extension (.wif). It is possible to change File Explore to show the file extensions.

On a Mac

In Finder, the column labeled "Kind" for a WIF file may read as any of the following: WIF File, WIF Document, Document or perhaps other labels. If unsure, right click on the file and select "Get Info"; there the entire file name will be shown at the top of the information panel. It is also possible to change the settings in Finder to show file extensions:

To physically insert the small micro-sd card into your computer, you will need to use an adapter. We supply a USB adapter that has a slot that the micro-sd card can be inserted.

If your computer has a USB-C port and no standard USB port, an inexpensive adapter can be purchased to allow a standard USB adapter to be used.

Once inserted in the computer, a Drive Letter will be assigned to the micro-sd card. By default, the name of the Micro-SD card supplied with TempoTreadle system units is named "TEMPTREADL" so it's easy to recognize the card in your File Explorer (Windows PC) or Finder (Mac) application.

It is recommended that you retain your original design files on your computer. Consider the files on the micro-sd card to be copies that are only used while weaving. You may want to occasionally delete old project files from your Micro-SD card to make it easier to find your new projects in TempoTreadle.

When using a MAC, remember to eject your memory card before removing (found under “Finder”), otherwise your saved file may not write to the memory card correctly.

Review the File Name Restrictions for naming restrictions.

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