TempoTreadle I and II - Differences

Physical Differences
  • Larger Screen (from 2.8 to 3.2”)
  • Faster Processor
  • New Improved Case and Caddy Design
  • On/Off Switch Built-In
  • Supports up to 16 treadles
  • Optional Battery Pack available integrated into Caddy
Functionality Differences
  • Ability to show preview of drawdown (only if exported from TempoWeave)
  • Easier Weave Mode Changes (weave, unweave, free weave)
  • Tone on end of WIF sequence
  • Save direction on threading and treadling
  • Default Auto-Load to Yes in System Setting
  • Interval Counter Default to Pick
  • Default Number of Thread Assist threads to 4
  • Position entry available on Thread Assist, allowing a reset of the rightmost warp thread
  • Maximum length of file name up from 1 to 22 characters on TempoTreadle II (8 recommended to see entire file name)
  • Increased maximum number of Warp Picks
  • Increased maximum number of Weft Picks