The Home Screen

The Home Screen is the screen that appears when TempoTreadle is powered on. Menu options are shown on the home screen.
To select a menu or any option, a finger may be used to press the option or a touch screen pointer.
The icon that looks like a house at the lower right corner is on every menu. When pressed, it always returns to the Home Screen as shown above.
The blue bar at the top of the Home Screen shows the name of the WIF that is loaded; it is blank if no WIF is loaded.
The Weave Menu Option is used while weaving. See Link: Coming Soon
System Settings apply to all projects and are saved on the Micro-SD card. See this link for more details: System Settings
System Info displays information about your System Unit.
Project Progress has options for pick counters and timers. Project Progress
Project Setup has the following options.
The Show Drawdown option is only available on TempoTreadle II and is available when the Export for TempoTreadle is used from the software application TempoWeave.